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How we can help your business grow

A multi-talented advertising company, with an
exceptional attention to innovative design of digital signages.


We offer a wide variety of digital display, LED signs and LCD displays and content managment software.


We provide and install off size of indoor and outdoor digital displays.

Media Production

We provide:
Photography and Video Services
Graphic & Ad Production

Ongoing Services

We are here to support you for your digital display system, media content and further assistance.

Digital Signage and LED Signs

We provide a wide range of digital signage products. please select our products to find more about them.


LCD Digital Signage

We offer a wide variety of digital displays and signage solution as well as advertising services for Real estate, Car sale, Retail shops and other business.
  • Advertising digital displays design
  • Intractive touch screen displays
  • Kiosk and Eposter Digital solution
  • Wide variety of signage solutions for businesses
LED Signs

LED Signs

Innovative Media Group is dedicated to offer you the most modern and outstanding LED sign and LED displays solutions and methods of controlling.
  • Indoor LED Signs
  • Outdoor LED Signs
  • Scrolling Message Board
  • LED display
LED Signs

Media Production and Content Managment Software

To attract clients and customers attention in today’s market, you need support of very strong media content. We provide an integrated content production services that make your message stand out in the market. We offer...
  • Photography and Video Services
  • Graphic & Ad Production
We also provide an innovative and easy to use web-based advertising material production and management software for more efficient, faster and effective displays management.We also offers wide range of software solution development to support our clients with any advertising application.
  • Content Management Software for digital signage
  • Signage Solution Software Development

Digital Signage Solutions

We have different digital signage solution packages for variety of businesses. Select your business to see our range of products and solutions for your business.


Restaurant and Cafe

  • Displays design and installation
  • Photography services
  • Media content production

Retail Shop

  • Displays design and installation
  • Signage Content Managment Software
  • Photography Services & Ad Production
  • Costumer Presenter Software

Car Dealership

  • Displays design and installation
  • Touch screen and interactivity
  • Car dealeship display software
  • Access display data anywhere

Real estate

  • Displays design and installation
  • Touch screen and interactivity
  • Real estate dislay software
  • Access display data anywhere

Construction and design

  • Displays design and installation
  • Signage content managment software
  • Costumer Presenter Software
  • Photography services & Content production

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